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Off to the shoreline...

Posted by
Judy aka L@dybug (Brooksville, FL, United States) on 2 March 2009 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

Curt is rowing Ladybug's dinghy to shore so Marmalade and do his business. With each stroke of the oars, the dog was more and more anxious to see land, even in the rain.

PS: Thanks to everyone who commented on my Sunday photo yesterday; I was unable to reply to each comment; hopefully today I can.

January 1st is around the corner, along with an end to my daily posts, at least for now.
Dementia is so debilitating and Hubby needs more of my time.


* Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." ... <)))><
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tyan from Singapore, Singapore

what bright orangey overalls,nobody can miss him!:) i like the 'Bug Off':)

2 Mar 2009 5:18am

@tyan: Raingear for sailors is most often that deep yellow-gold so they can be seen in bad weather. :D

Thanks for telling me your photo was of Caleb ... what a sweetie!

tyan from Singapore, Singapore

ps i forgot to say,the baby was caleb,when he was just born:)

2 Mar 2009 5:25am

MontereyJohn from Salinas, California, United States

Love the name of the ginghy! Pooch looks OK here :)

2 Mar 2009 6:01am

@MontereyJohn: I was going to change your spelling until I saw your 2nd note. :D
Marmalade was very happy in the dinghy as long as it was headed for the shoreline!

MontereyJohn from Salinas, California, United States

Make that dinghy ... sigh ... fumble fingers.

2 Mar 2009 6:01am

Linerberry from Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand

Hehehe 'Bug off'...I like it:-)

2 Mar 2009 6:28am

@Linerberry: Did you note that our sailboat was the Ladybug? :D

Marie-Hélène Ammor from Casablanca/Paris, Morocco

This photo is beautiful ! from 1984 !

2 Mar 2009 9:44am

@Marie-Hélène Ammor: Thank you, Marie.

Rakesh Vanamali from Ooty, India

Interesting picture!

2 Mar 2009 10:28am

@Rakesh Vanamali: Thank you, Rakesh ... this boy is now almost 44 years old.

Viewfinder from Bradenton, FL, United States

Looking back in time to special moments like this one makes you glad that God made cameras - or at least that God made people smart enough to invent them.

2 Mar 2009 12:27pm

@Viewfinder: How correct you are, Glenn ... and it makes me thankful that some photography genes were passed down in my family. :D

EYES WIDE SHUT from United Kingdom

A great shot Judy, and I particularly love the name of the rowing boat! ha ha

2 Mar 2009 12:54pm

@EYES WIDE SHUT: It was fun to have the Ladybug and that sailing dinghy. :D

MaryB from Staffordshire, United Kingdom

I love this! and the name of the dinghy "Bug off" is just brilliant!

2 Mar 2009 12:56pm

@MaryB: Thanks, Mary ... sooooo many hours and hours and weeks of learning and pleasure.

Barbara from Florida, United States

Wonderful and classic. Knowing the story behind the trip to shore hilarious. No doubt Marmalade had some anxious thoughts. Love the dinghy name and Marmalade's name too.
I use to have a dinghy like that as a kid and row around the neighborhood canals.

2 Mar 2009 2:26pm

@Barbara: The best part of the Dyer Dhow is that is is a sailing dinghy. That little 9' boat saw miles and miles of sailing as well as the miles we towed her to 'distant' places!

Lorraine from Gatineau, Canada

This is so wonderful, love the title :)

2 Mar 2009 2:35pm

@Lorraine: Thanks, Lorraine.

Jeff from Pembroke Dock, Wales., United Kingdom

Even foreshortened by a tele lens poor old Marmalade has got a long way to go for a "Tree". ;>)

2 Mar 2009 3:04pm

@Jeff: Yes, but if you could only have seen him when he would hear someone climb into Bugoff. His enthusiasm said, "Me too, me too!" :D

EYES WIDE SHUT from United Kingdom

JUDY, thanks so much for your message. I had no idea I was featured in the spotlight section on AM3 until you & Barbara mentioned it. My account is malfunctioning today and I cannot respond to any comments on my new or old photographs, which is a drag, so please accept my appologies. Thanks once again

2 Mar 2009 3:35pm

@EYES WIDE SHUT: I'm glad I took a peek from the office, where I have to begin at the home page. Otherwise I wouldn't have known. I had trouble also; the little icons were not active for me. I went to my account settings, changed them and then changed them back and saved them; now I'm working just fine again.

Chris from South Jersey, United States

very funny shot, especially with the story to go with it....

2 Mar 2009 3:44pm

@Chris: Thanks, Chris ... it was funny to watch. Marmalade was excited ... Curt was grumbling as he rowed in the rain! :D

Peter Miller from Lichfield, United Kingdom

A great look of concentration

2 Mar 2009 4:05pm

@Peter Miller: I agree, Peter.

Raye Michele from Halifax, Canada

I love the whimsy in this one. It looks like an old advertisement. Great image.

2 Mar 2009 4:31pm

@Raye Michele: Thank you, Raye ...... I'm happy you enjoyed it.

Peter Knoop from Antwerp, Belgium

Nice candid shot!

2 Mar 2009 4:37pm

@Peter Knoop: Thanks, Peter.

willow from Chelsea, United States

Great scene - I like how the yellow stands out.

2 Mar 2009 4:47pm

@willow: The yellow is definitely a safety factor out on the water.

Paco Díaz from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

beautiful image and subject. I like very much the effect of the yellows.

2 Mar 2009 7:57pm

@Paco Díaz: Thank you, Paco.

Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

cute shot, and love the name of the boat!!!

2 Mar 2009 11:50pm

@Susan: Thanks, Susan ... it was fun and many knew us by it!

Laurie from New Jersey, United States

I love it! When you gotta go you gotta go! I think the name of the dinghy is so clever and sweet.

3 Mar 2009 12:55am

@Laurie: It was such a wonderful little boat to own ... wish we still had it!

JJ from Jersey City, United States

you couldnt miss him with those bright overalls,

re your comment indeed not much to see today just white white and more white

3 Mar 2009 1:07am

@JJ: I'm sure you were 'blinded' by the white-out from the snow! :D

Magda from Canada

LOL Nice shot! Memories...... (grin)

3 Mar 2009 1:11am

@Magda: True, very, very true! xx

vu@granby - Wolfgang from Granby, Québec, Canada

I love your "memories" series! Bravo!

3 Mar 2009 1:14am

@vu@granby - Wolfgang: Thank you so much ... it's amazing how fast the year is flying by!

Bookfool from Mississippi, United States

That's so cute! Everyone else mentioned the clever name of the dinghy but I love it, too.

3 Mar 2009 2:09am

@Bookfool: Thank you ........ and she was well loved by our family, which made her extra special!