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Cooliris screen-shot...

Posted by
Judy aka L@dybug (Brooksville, FL, United States) on 28 February 2009 in Miscellaneous and Portfolio.

FYI: I've noted before that I like a free program called 'cooliris'. This is a screen-shot of my AM3 photos, taken while 'scrolling' across the 3D screen. When you have the program on your computer, a small box w-an arrow appears when there are multiple images for you to view. In AM3, it works beautifully to view a users' work, especially if they don't put their images into their portfolio. The 3D screen moves at an angle as you move your mouse on that blue-dotted section at the bottom. When you stop, you can hone in on a particular photo.
I am not in any way involved in the company, nor do I have any relatives with them. <grin>
I'm just a satisfied user! If you've followed my images, you will recognize some of these. Try it ... you might like it.

Free download here, with a wonderful demo.

January 1st is around the corner, along with an end to my daily posts, at least for now.
Dementia is so debilitating and Hubby needs more of my time.


* Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." ... <)))><
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Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

great job!!! where does one get "cooliris"????

28 Feb 2009 5:08am

@Susan: Sorry, Susan, I should have posted the link ... and just did above, but here it is. There's a good demo there.

MontereyJohn from Salinas, California, United States

how cool is that?! I'll have to give it a try.

28 Feb 2009 6:38am

@MontereyJohn: I've added the link for free downloads, thanks to Susan.
You'll like the demo.

Chris from South Jersey, United States

I love the Cooliris application - it is really high on my "that is so cool" scale!! It is a really fun way to scroll through images.....and to see all of yours again is a treat!!

28 Feb 2009 8:39am

@Chris: Thanks, Chris ... me too! <grin>
As I'd written, I use it often for those who don't post any or many of their photos in their AM3 portfolio.

Nina from Hamburg, Germany

That's really great, an interesting photo... I like how you captured it!

28 Feb 2009 10:13am

@Nina: Thank you, Nina ... it's a screen shot using PaintShop Pro as I scrolled across the screen of my photos.

Betty from New Jersey, United States

I love Cooliris!

28 Feb 2009 11:06am

@Betty: I do too, obviously. <grin>

Michael Skorulski from Cigel, Slovakia

Great idea, Judy. Very original.

28 Feb 2009 11:52am

@Michael Skorulski: It's fun to use ... and a FREE program, which makes all the better! :D

Eleftheria from Athens, Greece

(Thank you for the kind words, the truth is I thought about if for someone else firstly, but it will be online in the future)

28 Feb 2009 1:04pm

@Eleftheria: Thank you, honey ........ you're a love!

Lorraine from Gatineau, Canada

Great program isn't it...Love how you took this!

28 Feb 2009 1:47pm

@Lorraine: It was a bit tricky to get the screen shot while the 3D screen was still 'in motion' but it worked. :D

Marie-Hélène Ammor from Casablanca/Paris, Morocco

Beautiful wall of your photos ! Thank for sharing with us !

28 Feb 2009 2:18pm

@Marie-Hélène Ammor: Thank you, Marie ... it's a fun (and free) program to use.

JJ from Jersey City, United States

It sure is a cool program I use it often, her, on flickr and even if just searching for a photo of something

28 Feb 2009 2:29pm

@JJ: I use it a lot too ... here, on Webshots and on the 'net'.

Viewfinder from Bradenton, FL, United States

Cool, Judy. I may have to download this thing.

28 Feb 2009 2:49pm

@Viewfinder: It really is cool, and it's neat to see that others here on AM3 use it.

tyan from Singapore, Singapore

wow,this is so lovely!I like!Its like a zoom down memory lane.:)

Thanks Judy nana(heh,hope you dont mind me calling you that sometimes:)),for your kind words.In Singapore schools,we learn 2 languages,English as our first language and our 'mother tongue' as our 2nd language.So Indians learn Tamil,Malays learn Malay and Chinese learn Chinese as their 'second language'. But in some cases,and more commonly now,students learn Chinese as their first language as well.So they have two 'first languages'. In my case,the moment i went to school,in kindergarten,i had to learn both English and Chinese.This is because of the Bilingual policy in our country. I love languages and though i used to feel more comfortable using English and fare slightly better compared to Chinese, I did translation studies as part of my University studies so I majored in Chinese because Translation was under Chinese Studies. So most Singaporeans,the younger generations,can speak both English and Chinese,but more people are struggling with Chinese because more families are speaking English at home. :) [hope i am not boring you with this info overload,hee!]

28 Feb 2009 3:02pm

@tyan: #1. I love your "Judy Nana" ... nothing better in the world than being a grandparent! If I'd known that earlier, I'd have 'had' the grandchildren first. Ha, ha.....

#2. Ohhhhh, English is first and Chinese second - that's interesting, and also that in some cases they're both 'first languages'. Rest assured, this is NOT "overload" ... I love learning how things are in other nations.

In this country, we struggle with the added expense of having so many teachers prepared to teach Spanish as a second language and there is much controversy over it. After all, the immigrants who first came to this country made it a priority to learn English and many feel it should be our national language, not that assistance can't be rendered to those who haven't learned it yet.

Barbara from Florida, United States

Cool things going on here at your blog today, Judy.
This is really a futuristic presentation of your images and outstanding posting
for today.
Cooliris will have some visitors today, including me. (I never downloaded when you mentioned it before just because of keeping up with things)

28 Feb 2009 3:08pm

@Barbara: Go to their site, Barb ... ... and watch the demo; then you'll decide. :D

Scott Schilling from San Martin, United States

Judy, that is a wonderful program - I will have to try it - thanks for the recommendation and I like the photograph - it is very nice and provides a good example!

28 Feb 2009 3:13pm

@Scott Schilling: As I've said elsewhere, look at their demo ... it'll sell ya' ... <grin>
Get it quickly before they start charging for it! :D

john4jack from Corvallis, United States

What a neat shot! (Took a look at your "About" page. Oh, you are a young thing! Don't know about you, Judy, but I think that being a grandparent is the greatest thing in life; I finally found my true vocation. By the way, I grew up in Winter Haven. Brooksville was a different place in those days before I-75.)

28 Feb 2009 3:31pm

@john4jack: Thanks a lot on the shot ... I'd like a better photo on my page, but it was best I could do in the mirror at the time. :D
I just wrote to Tyan in my reply, that had I known how wonderful grandparenting was, I'd have 'had' them first. <grin>

Small world, isn't it. Winter Haven's not that far from us. You would be AMAZED to see how things have changed in our area; it's a different 'world' than it was when we moved south in 1987. I've never spent much time in Winter Haven but I'm always fascinated by all the lakes I see on the map!

Jen from Alpharetta, United States

Very cool...I need to check that out!

28 Feb 2009 3:47pm

@Jen: Watch the demo, Jen ... you might be sold! :D

Simply Col from Winnipeg, Canada

Wow.. what a neat idea. I will be checking out the program. Love your capture of it.

28 Feb 2009 4:21pm

@Simply Col: Try it, I'm sure you'll like it. :D

Marion from Nanaimo, BC, Canada

You are so clever. I would never have thought of doing that. Such an artistic mind you have my friend. ♥

28 Feb 2009 6:47pm

@Marion: You are soooo kind ... I use this program a lot and I just wanted to share it's properties! :D ♥

Fliss from Melbourne Beach, United States

Excellent... I like how it came out.

28 Feb 2009 11:43pm

@Fliss: Have you gone to their site at and seen the demo? It's really fantastic!

Japanalia from Yokohama, Japan

Well! This is so interesting! But always have something interesting to share!!!! And....I tried installing "cooliris", refuses to do so! Though I saw on their page that the installation works for Vista,too.
(And I read what Tyan mentioned in his message about learning languages. Well, like it or not, I personally believe that everybody should learn makes a BIG DIFFERENCE in people's lives!)

1 Mar 2009 5:47am

@Japanalia: Gee, I didn't know it wasn't going to work on Vista, as it's supposed to. <sorry>

Tyan is a sweet, young mother, trying hard to make the best choices for teaching their two boys, so I was interested in what she had to say about Singapore.
This morning's Sunday school lesson was partly about the sin of arrogance, and we know that some in the world think Americans are just that - arrogant. It is sad when some of our citizens are unkind in other lands because English might not be spoken; those persons give our country a bad name. I remember struggling in an Austrian yardgoods store, trying to make myself understood in my very sketchy German, while the store clerk wanted to speak in her tentative English. We both ended up laughing.

It interests me to know you think English should be a universal language.
Do you think television and the internet are vehicles that have spread the language more broadly?

Magda from Canada

I had no idea you could view photos like this! I love it! So interesting.....

2 Mar 2009 1:54am

@Magda: It's a fascinating program, Magda!

Magda from Canada

I uploaded the program! Awesome! Makes me dizzy after watching it for too long but it's pretty cool. ;) Thanks for letting us know.

3 Mar 2009 1:15am

@Magda: Chuckling ............ be careful how quickly you move your cursor across the screen; it certainly could be dizzying! :D