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Can you do this?
2 February 2017

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Because of YOU...
12 September 2016

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Holly berry heart...
18 December 2015

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Where we are today...
17 January 2015

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A favorite...
12 January 2015

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Photo #2,500...
28 July 2014

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Silk embroidery...
27 July 2014

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Grete's Music Group...
29 August 2013

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Photo #2,000...
15 March 2013

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Morning light...
20 October 2012

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4 April 2012

Recent Comments

Mhelene on Rework of this photo from 2010...
Very cute !

omid on Rework of this photo from 2010...
Lovely portraits!

Elaine Hancock on Silly Holly looking for Santa...
This is just too cute! Happy ST!

Existence Artistique on Silly Holly looking for Santa...

Mhelene on Silly Holly looking for Santa...
:-) Superb image with a great smile !! Happy Silly Tuesday ! My thoughts are with you.

Existence Artistique on Front porch wreath...

Mhelene on Front porch wreath...
Wonderful !!

omid on Front porch wreath...
L O V E L Y !

Mhelene on Sunday roses...
Very beautiful composition and colors .

Existence Artistique on Sunday roses...

omid on Sunday roses...
such beautiful composition, focus, DOF & lights! Lovely colors!

Existence Artistique on Poinsettias...
belle capture

MEC on Christmas Red...

Devi on Christmas Red...
wow...gorgeous blossom!

Mhelene on Christmas Red...
Beautiful !

Existence Artistique on Christmas Red...
intéressant travail

Mhelene on Christmas is coming...
Superb colors , very happy for children .

Existence Artistique on Christmas is coming...
belle recherche

omid on Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital
such beautiful composition, colors, lights & reflections! Lovely!

Mhelene on Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital
Superb framing and wonderful colors for the children .

Existence Artistique on Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital
oh c'est génial

omid on Milford, Connecticut 2 of 2
Amazing view !!!!

Mhelene on Milford, Connecticut 2 of 2
Very interesting .

Existence Artistique on Milford, Connecticut 2 of 2
c'est du bon travail

Mhelene on Milford, Connecticut 1 of 2
Interesting .This was a very old city keeping a house from 1631 !

Existence Artistique on Milford, Connecticut 1 of 2

omid on Milford, Connecticut 1 of 2
I understand your feelings ...

Mhelene on December Amaryllis...
Beautiful ! Superb framing .

Devi on December Amaryllis...
wow gorgeous !

Existence Artistique on December Amaryllis...

rbassin on December Amaryllis...
belle composition

omid on Well, hello there!
so cute! :) Lovely!

Mhelene on Well, hello there!
Superb portrait !

B. Thomas on Well, hello there!
Cute critter.

Devi on Well, hello there!
wow !! He looks cute !

Existence Artistique on Well, hello there!

maurizio on Well, hello there!
Hallo (our) Nature :-)

Mhelene on Glorious morning...
Beautiful framing !

Existence Artistique on Glorious morning...

Anne on Glorious morning...

Existence Artistique on Old Milford...
bel effet

Mhelene on Old Milford...
Superb sepia tones .

Anne on Old Milford...
Nice frame.

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Happy Birthday, Fiona...
Ha ha !! funny image. Happy Birthday Fiona !

Existence Artistique on Happy Birthday, Fiona...

Dimitrios on Happy Birthday, Fiona...

Mhelene on Happy Birthday, Fiona...
Superb souvenir and beautiful photo ! Birthday Fiona !

Elaine Hancock on Holly staking her territory...
That is too cute. Looks like she has a lot to say and the turtle is just ignoring her! Happy ST!

Existence Artistique on Holly staking her territory...
bon travail et recherche

Mhelene on Holly staking her territory...
Superb capture of the scene !

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