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Can you do this?
2 February 2017

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Because of YOU...
12 September 2016

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Holly berry heart...
18 December 2015

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Where we are today...
17 January 2015

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A favorite...
12 January 2015

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Photo #2,500...
28 July 2014

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Silk embroidery...
27 July 2014

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Grete's Music Group...
29 August 2013

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Photo #2,000...
15 March 2013

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Morning light...
20 October 2012

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4 April 2012

Recent Comments

Curly on Head first...
Delightful strong rich colour in this macro.

L'Angevine on Silly bump, er burl...
bien la forme

Mhelene on Head first...
Superb capture !

beach on Head first...
Great capture. Bees are truly focused on their work.

B. Thomas on Silly bump, er burl...
Happy Silly Tuesday!

Elaine Hancock on Silly bump, er burl...
Beautiful textures and detail! Happy Silly Tuesday!

L'Angevine on Hi there!

Curly on Silly bump, er burl...
Looks like a giant fist :-)

beach on Silly bump, er burl...
Or a nose?

Mhelene on Silly bump, er burl...
Superb textures and colors . Happy Silly Tuesday !

L'Angevine on Just the three of us...
bien nourri

beach on Hi there!
Nice one. I like these sassy scavengers.

Mhelene on Hi there!
Beautiful capture .

Dimitrios on Just the three of us...
love it

Curly on Just the three of us...
Very good shot, nicely timed too.

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Just the three of us...
Excellent shot Judy. I like it.

L'Angevine on Swallowtail...
bien beau

beach on Swallowtail...
Lovely colours, and a black and white butterfly.

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Swallowtail...
Well done.

L'Angevine on Dragonfly...
la seconde est mieux

Mhelene on Swallowtail...
Beautiful capture and superb colors .

Dimitrios on Swallowtail...
love it

Mhelene on Dragonfly...
Beautiful capture and superb presentation .

L'Angevine on Loveable in concrete...
bien ces oiseaux

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Dragonfly...
Very nice shots ! Happy Midsummer "Mom".

beach on Dragonfly...
Two great shots. Acrobatic.

L'Angevine on Buzz...
beau vert

Mhelene on Loveable in concrete...
Wonderful !!

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Loveable in concrete...
I like a lot !! Nice art work and nice shot.

RBL on Buzz...
Very pretty, Judy!

Mhelene on Buzz...
Beautiful image !

L'Angevine on Another bee...
bien à ce rouge

L'Angevine on Buzzing bee...
bien cette partie basse

Curly on Another bee...
Oh what a fabulous well contrasted shot!

Mhelene on Another bee...
Superb close-up on the red .

Elaine Hancock on Buzzing bee...
This is beautiful! It is hard to catch bees. They are always flying around!

L'Angevine on Soldier Butterfly ... plus eggs!
belles couleurs

Mhelene on Soldier Butterfly ... plus eggs!
Beautiful framing !

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Soldier Butterfly ... plus eggs!
Good macro image

L'Angevine on Wild green parrots...
beaux verts

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Wild green parrots...
In Barcelona, their rapid spread is a problem

omid on Wild green parrots...
Lovely parrots!

L'Angevine on Minnesota > Florida...
bien sous sa toile

Mhelene on Wild green parrots...
Superb capture !

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Minnesota > Florida...
Good post edition and good car.

L'Angevine on Soldier Butterfly...

beach on Minnesota > Florida...
Nice shot. I bet they had fun on the trip. And hey, the drivers are probably retirees, but the car isn't!

Mhelene on Minnesota > Florida...
Superb framing and texture .

L'Angevine on WHAT a RACKET!!!

beach on Soldier Butterfly...
Ah, so lovely.

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