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Can you do this?
2 February 2017

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Because of YOU...
12 September 2016

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Holly berry heart...
18 December 2015

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Where we are today...
17 January 2015

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A favorite...
12 January 2015

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Photo #2,500...
28 July 2014

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Silk embroidery...
27 July 2014

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Grete's Music Group...
29 August 2013

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Photo #2,000...
15 March 2013

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Morning light...
20 October 2012

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4 April 2012

Recent Comments

Maria on Digital double exposure...
is that a selfie? :))

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Digital double exposure...
A nice detail

Devi on Digital double exposure...
Beautiful...Love that Ladybug poised precariously :)))

Mhelene on Digital double exposure...
Superb creation ! Beautiful !

Existence Artistique on Digital double exposure...
superbe recherche

omid on Digital double exposure...
such beautiful composition, focus, DOF, colors & lights! Lovely work!

Lai Chan See on Digital double exposure...

Devi on Morning clouds...
superb image !!! great clouds !!!

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Morning clouds...
very powerful

Mhelene on Morning clouds...
Beautiful capture of the splendid light and nuances in the sky!

Existence Artistique on Morning clouds...

Devi on Gerbera...
Lovely !!!

Existence Artistique on Gerbera...
bien ce jaune

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Gerbera...
** Excellent . (Sorry)

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Gerbera...
Excllent Judy. Nice light !

omid on Gerbera...
L O V E L Y !

Mhelene on Gerbera...
What a beautiful sun to illuminate on Sunday!

omid on See the sundog?
Lovely view!

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on See the sundog?
Yes ! I see it !

Devi on See the sundog?
Beautiful...Have a safe weekend :)

Mhelene on See the sundog?
Beautiful atmosphere .

Existence Artistique on See the sundog?
bon travail

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on October already...
:) nice one.

Existence Artistique on October already...
une intéressante recherche

Devi on October already...
wonderful..I love that Ladybug:)))

Mhelene on October already...
Superb creation Miss Ladybug !

Mhelene on Delicious meal...
Superb meal !!

Existence Artistique on Delicious meal...

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Delicious meal...
A delicious plate to enjoy company, too.

beach on Dark 'n stormy...
Looks refreshing.

omid on Dark 'n stormy...
Cheers! :)

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Dark 'n stormy...
this looks delicious

Existence Artistique on Dark 'n stormy...

Mhelene on Dark 'n stormy...
Superb presentation ! A cocktail ? I'ld like to taste your new favorite !

Devi on Dark 'n stormy...
that's really coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Elaine Hancock on Silly, funny dog...
I doubt if anyone is going to share! Happy ST!

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Silly, funny dog...
:)) He likes it here, too. All OK, Judy??

Existence Artistique on Silly, funny dog...

Mhelene on I'm back...
Welcome back ! Very beautiful capture of this sky .

Mhelene on Silly, funny dog...
Wow...Superb meal !

Elaine Hancock on I'm back...
A stunning sky! Glad you are back!

omid on I'm back...
Welcome back, Judy! :) ... such beautiful clouds, colors & lights! Amazing sky!

Curly on Scampi bruchetta...
Absolutely tempting Judy (now stop it please).

Mhelene on Scampi bruchetta...
Yummy ! Great framing .

omid on Scampi bruchetta...
Yummy! Yummmmmy! :)

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Scampi bruchetta...
This looks delicious and nutritious.

Existence Artistique on Scampi bruchetta...

Devi on Scampi bruchetta...
a lovely food shot !!!!

Mhelene on Villas of Grand Cypress
Great composition and strong colors .

Existence Artistique on Villas of Grand Cypress

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